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The Consumer Financial Choice and Capital Markets Protection Act of 2019

Returns Financial Power to Main Street

See what local government finance officers are saying about the need for the legislation.

What Our Supporters Are Saying

Because this bill stands up for main street, not Wall Street, we have the support of community leaders, labor unions, local chambers of commerce, and public institutions from across the United States.

“Support for this legislation provides relief to those trying to grow our economy, invest in our communities and provide good paying jobs.”
Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council
Dave Wondolowski, Executive Secretary
The legislation will "help to make sure our members continue to have job opportunities on public and privately financed infrastructure projects across Ohio.."
Cincinnati AFL-CIO
Pete McLinden, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
“CalHFA hopes you will support this legislation so that our agency can remain competitive in the marketplace and achieve its mission of creating and financing progressive housing solutions so more Californians have a place to call home.”
California Housing Finance Agency
California Housing Finance Agency, Executive Director
“The data indicates that the MMF pool has been decimated, rates have gone up 40x and the trend does not appear to be leveling off as supply shrinks and demand grows. Isn’t this a boon for Wall Street at the expense of local jobs?”
Operating Engineers 324
Douglas W. Stockwell, General Vice President
"While this money remains in federal government funds, it is not available to fund facility and capital improvements for local schools, hospitals, universities, sewer and clean water facilities, roads and bridges, airports, public transit, affordable public housing, and other job-creating infrastructure projects."
Hon. Pete Buttigieg
Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
"Stable NAV money market funds have worked for years, and cities like Chicago have benefited significantly by having the option to fund long-term projects at record low short-term rates provided by money market funds. Limiting that option in the future has added to the financial strains of our city.”
City of Chicago
Carole Brown, Chief Financial Officer
“At a time when school districts across the U.S. are in desperate need of assistance to repair deteriorating school buildings and construct new learning facilities, district leaders need as many financial tools at their disposal as possible to address these enormous challenges.”
Association of School Business Officials International
David J. Lewis, Executive Director

The Consumer Financial Choice And Capital Markets Protection Act Of 2019

These bipartisan bills in Congress provide a simple and safe solution to allow private funds to support local communities. But some of the largest Wall Street firms are fighting us.  Find out what they don’t want you to know!

What the Legislation Does

Rights a wrong

Addresses the negative financial impact of a backroom deal between dominant Wall Street companies and government regulators that has strained state and local government budgets and hampered economic development and small business creation.


State and local governments can lower their borrowing costs for community development, transportation, health care and other local improvements.


Money markets funds have been around for 40 years and provide a safe, trusted, and efficient market for direct investment into public transportation, schools, hospitals, affordable housing, utilities and environmental protection.

It’s Right For Our Communities.

Learn more about the Coalition for Investor Choice and how we’re standing up to Wall Street to provide main street America access to more cost-effective capital markets options to finance local needs.

A Simple Solution To a Big Problem.

Learn about money market funds and how we can right a wrong to support local infrastructure, education, health care, transportation, community development and small businesses.

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